Student Profiles

Kimberly Martin

Kimberly is a second year Master’s student in the WGS program. She received her B.A. of Psychology from Guilford College, […]

Meredith Scott

Meredith Scott is majoring in WGS and minoring in AADS and Psychology. Meredith says that “WGS helps because it’s so […]

Jasmine Harcum

Jasmine Harcum is majoring in WGS and Social Work and minoring in Psychology. Jasmine is also a member of the […]

Anna Sorenson

Anna Sorenson is a Women’s and Gender Studies major and Biology minor with a pre-med concentration. Anna has been awarded […]

Kyle Coffino

Kyle Coffino is a Women’s and Gender Studies major, in addition to pursuing two additional majors in Sociology (with a […]

Haillee Mason

Haillee Mason is a triple major in International and Global Studies with a concentration: Human Rights, Women’s and Gender Studies, […]

Dhruv Pathak

Dhruv Pathak is studying Women’s and Gender Studies and History and is planning to graduate in May 2016. He has been […]

Taylor Chapman

My Trip to the United Nations The opportunity to explore my work at a national conference was a dream come […]

Lauren Pereira

Why did you choose UNCG to do your masters program? My undergraduate adviser introduced the program to me and after […]

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