Conference Room Reservations

Thanks for your interest in reserving the WGS Conference Room and Library in 336B Curry Building for your event!  The room includes 15 chairs, a small whiteboard, and a chalk board.  Before sending in your reservation request, please check the google calendar below to make sure the room is available at the date and time you need, then fill out the form below the calendar.  You can expect to receive an answer to your request within 3-4 business days.  Please make your request with enough time to receive a response.  For small informal meetings such as study groups, feel free to just stop by and see if the room is available at the time when you want to meet.

We can usually accommodate requests for times that appear as un-booked Mon-Fri from 9am-4pm.  We can often, but not always, accommodate evening and weekend requests.  We are more likely to be able to provide evening and weekend availability if you give us 2-3 weeks (or more) notice so we can make sure a staff person is available.

 Conference Room Reservation Form

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