Savannah Behrent

Savannah Behrent received a B.A. in both Women’s and Gender Studies and English from UNCG.  Through a fortuitous twist of fate she was only accepted to one graduate program, the M.A. in WGS at UNCG. Though she originally thought that this was a tragic circumstance, Savannah has found a home in this program where the faculty is eager to offer support, guidance, and often times therapy when graduate school feels like the hardest journey imaginable. She is currently deciding on a thesis topic, and has a passion for a range of issues including post-9/11 humanism, postcolonial theory, and critical race theory, among many others.

When not studying or being buried under a mountain of assigned readings, Savannah is a graduate assistant for WGS and coordinates most events that take place for the program. Savannah is also a lover of all things baked goods and can often be found making muffins, bread, or other delicious items (to which the other graduate assistants and student staff can attest). Originally from Upstate New York, Savannah hopes to return to the North to pursue either a PhD in WGS or possibly law school. While her post‐ graduation future seems incredibly murky at this point and often times daunting, Savannah knows that the WGS program is preparing her to be successful in all future endeavors and is confident that the support of faculty and staff is the reason why she is still sane and working towards graduation. If all else fails, Savannah can snuggle up with her puppy and her partner, and watch “Shark Tank” until the end of time.

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