Sarah Colonna

Sarah Colonna LGBTQ Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator

A former nurse and life-long forward thinker, Sarah Colonna enrolled in the WGS Master’s program in search of something. As a student in the first MA cohort for WGS, Sarah established a foundation important to her present success. When people ask her, “What are you going to do with that degree?” she always responds, “What am I NOT going to do with this degree?!” She believes that the WGS MA program trained her to think critically and to consider everything.

She is now committed to work combining her concerns with health, gender, youth, social justice, and women’s and LGBTQ issues. Sarah is currently steering her way through the PhD program in Educational Studies with an emphasis in Cultural Studies at UNCG. She works in the Office of Multicultural Affairs and holds the official title of LGBTQ Advocacy and Outreach Coordinator. What this really means is that she is the go-to person on campus for all LGBTQ concerns. Whether a student is in need of help or interested in becoming a LGBTQ ally, Sarah is the individual to seek out.

Sarah also teaches WGS 250: Introduction to Women’s Studies. In Summer 2012, she developed an approach to the course centered on an exploration of the recent novel and film The Hunger Games.

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