Meredith Scott

Meredith Scott is majoring in WGS and minoring in AADS and Psychology. Meredith says that “WGS helps because it’s so interdisciplinary. A lot of the concepts I learn about in WGS classes help me in my other classes because I’m already more open to other perspectives, in addition to being familiar with looking at information through a feminist lens, the queer lens, and lenses of other minorities.” Meredith also says that they have learned a lot about social movements, stating, “To advocate for one’s liberation, you must advocate for all liberations, or you’re being counterproductive and harmful to the heart of the movement(s).” Meredith recommends WGS to any student wanting to learn more about the world, saying that “WGS has already taught me how to go through the world as a better, more aware person, and I know this will be worth it tenfold as I continue my academic and further careers.”

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