Lauren Pereira

Why did you choose UNCG to do your masters program?

My undergraduate adviser introduced the program to me and after some research, I decided that it would be the best fit for me and my interests as both a feminist and activist for the LGBTIQ community.

What advice would you give to any undergraduate students who are interested in Women’s and Gender Studies?

Apply. Because the majority of our classes are interdiciplinary, the program can take you anywhere. You really have the ability to personalize your own academic agenda while engaging in various discourses through a feminist lens. The program faculty and staff are extremely welcoming and are with you all the way, so you are less likely to feel overwhelmed and discouraged.

After graduating from the master’s program, what do you envision your future endeavors to be:

I know that my future has more possibilities becasue of my time in the WGS program. What I have gained is a deeper understanding of the social world in which we live and how I am and will continue to be an advocate for the promotion of social justice. This program is giving me the tools to execute the feminist ideals that I have always lived by in a more productive and meaningful way.

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