Lauren Pereira

Lauren Pereira graduated from the WGS MA program in the Spring of 2013. During her time in the program, she worked as a graduate assistant in the WGS office, and her academic and activist interests were focused on diversity in the LGBTQ community and LGBTQ activism. After having some difficulty finding work in North Carolina, she and her partner, Kelly, moved back to her hometown of Westerly, Rhode Island. Pereira immediately found work in New London, Connecticut as the manager of a health center with Planned Parenthood of Southern New England.

As the manager of the health center, she supervises a staff of five clinic assistants and two clinicians. Her work as a Planned Parenthood health center manager requires a commitment to the following: access to reproductive and sexual healthcare including abortion, dismantling abortion stigma, providing quality services regardless of ability to pay, the right to sexual education, providing services to marginalized communities, and respecting each patient to make educated and informed choices about their bodies and their lives. She credits her time in the Women’s and Gender Studies Master’s Program as well as her time as a Graduate Assistant in the office with helping to prepare her for this kind of critical work.   In her personal time she enjoys spending time with her partner outdoors hiking, kayaking, going clamming, and visiting major cities close by. They have two much‐loved fur babies: a dog, Brody and a cat, Rigby.

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