Kyle Coffino

Kyle Coffino is a Women’s and Gender Studies major, in addition to pursuing two additional majors in Sociology (with a concentration in Criminology) and African and African Diaspora Studies. He has been awarded multiple honors including the Time Out Youth Tonda 2015-2016 Scholarship, the UNCG Class of 1955 Scholarship, and a WGS Course Cone Scholarship. When outside of the classroom, Kyle engages WGS scholarship through discussions with his peers and family and thinking critically about present-day events. Kyle says the most transformative idea he’s learned in WGS is that “colonialism affects EVERYTHING” and that prior to WGS he never thought of its affects on today’s society.

When asked if he would recommend other students to pursue WGS as a major, Kyle responded “YES! There are awesome classes and awesome professors. You’re challenged to think critically and outside of your comfort zone daily.”

Kyle also wanted to add a special shout out to both Dr. Powell and Dr. Bouchard, both professors in the WGS program, who have “given me the space to analyze the world around me and challenge myself and the views I thought were immutable, their classes made me realize that I’m so happy here!”


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