Kimberly Martin

Kimberly is a second year Master’s student in the WGS program. She received her B.A. of Psychology from Guilford College, and holds a double minor in Religious Studies and Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Her current research centers sexual violence, trauma and carceral studies. Kimberly hopes to facilitate empowerment in people living with complex post traumatic stress, focusing the positive aspects of having different ways of responding to and engaging the world (something like having a superpower). She was awarded the Sally and Alan Cone research scholarship for 2018-2019. Kimberly hopes to partner with community outreach organizations working with socially marginalized persons/groups in order to help foster esteem, shift self-defeating thought patterns and invoke self-efficacy where motivation is lacking and barriers to success (both internal and external) have stifled growth and development . Fun facts–She is an ailurophile, finds the smell of books intoxicating and enjoys traveling in the East.

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