Jennifer Lutz

Jennifer Lutz

Jennifer Lutz graduated in 2013 Cum Laude with a Major in English, Minor in WGS, and a Minor in Entrepreneurship.

Since graduation, she has started her own business designing and developing online courses for businesses, creative-preneurs, bloggers, and educational institutions. Her business, Gen Course, takes your expert know-how, and turns it into an accessible, enjoyable, and educational course, all online.

When asked how WGS helped prepare her for “the real world,” she said:

“I attribute my building a successful and sustaining business to the WGS program at-large. Studying in the WGS program pushed me to develop a deeply critical and creative thought process. This same critiquing inquiry supported my initiative to start a business, navigate structures of power as a queer, femme entrepreneur, and to understand the serious economics at play when growing and developing a business.”

She goes on to say that she would definitely recommend the WGS program to other students:

“I would suggest that if you are an entrepreneurial-minded individual majoring in WGS will put you far ahead of peers who study business. It provides a very strong foundation in analytical critique, flexibility/adaptability, ability for deep discourse, and very creative problem-solving skills. I never once discussed the economic, legal, and political factions that suppress or support small business and minority business development in my entrepreneur or business classes at UNCG, but I certainly discussed, researched, and was encouraged to understand them at-length in the WGS program. Having that foundation has been essential to building my business.”

And lastly, Jennifer says that the WGS environment and program at UNCG is one-of-a-kind:

“I have not experienced such a group of scholars, intellect, or serious challengers of structural oppressions since graduating. If I can offer any words of support to those who are concerned about “the real world” – you are 10 million times ahead of your peers with your understanding of how power shapes, evolves, and plays into career, life, and progress. This knowledge will take you far, and will help you do great things, trust in that.”