Haillee Mason

Haillee Mason

Haillee Mason is a triple major in International and Global Studies with a concentration: Human Rights, Women’s and Gender Studies, and African and African Diaspora Studies.

When asked what brought her to WGS, she said:

“The interdiscplinary and intersectional framework on which Women’s and Gender Studies is established drew me to this program. WGS has helped me explore the the intersections of my identity: not as separate, static, monolithic pieces of being but as complicated, nuanced womanhood that is impacted by my blackness, queerness, class privilege, academic privilege, and so on.”

Earlier this year, Haillee was nationally selected, along with nine other young women, to become apart of the National Student Advisory Committee with the American Association for University Women.

She writes about the experience:

AAUW“This organization, which has been advocating for gender equity since 1881, is instrumental when discussing the progression of (white, upper-class, college-educated) women’s rights in America. For the weekend orientation, I was flown to DC and introduced to the other women. We discussed privilege and oppression, networked with AAUW staff and began planning for the upcoming year. Two of my responsibilities as a member of NSAC is to create and promote events, including Equal Pay Day, on my campus of UNC Greensboro with AAUW’s mission in mind and to begin planning the National Conference for Collegiate Women Student Leaders (NCCWSL) in June. The WGS program has helped me to nuance my discussions about intersectional struggle of women and feminine-of-center folks, which I brought to the discussion spaces at AAUW. WGS has also given me the knowledge and confidence to host events and be comprehensive and knowledgeable when speaking on gendered oppression.”