Danielle Achiaa Boachie

Danielle Achiaa Boachie is a first year Women’s & Gender Studies grad student and cat lover. She received her B.A. in Women’s Studies from UNC Chapel Hill in 2011. She is also working to get a certificate in African American and African Diaspora Studies. As a queer immigrant of color,Danielle is a full time feminist and is therefore very passionate about WGS. She spends her free time doing doing social justice work focusing on anti‐capitalist, anti‐imperialist movements, and is a member of the BlackLivesMatter Youth Assembly in Durham. She has a blog called Womancipation Proclamation and is also a Professional Dominatrix (www.womancipation.wordpress.com).

Danielle hopes to get her PhD in WGS or Feminist Studies. Her thesis work reflects the ways in which misogynoir (anti‐Black misogyny) has been used to systematically erase the legitimacy of Black womanhood in seemingly progressive movements. Ultimately, Danielle hopes to become best friends with Dr. Angela Davis.

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