Student Staff

Our WGS Student Staff is made up of Graduate and Undergraduate students who are especially passionate about Women’s and Gender Studies. Our student workers have a multi-faceted role when it comes to the WGS program, from planning and staffing events, getting students more involved with WGS in and outside of the classroom, promoting the program via our website and social media, assisting WGS faculty, and more. Our student workers bring us the unique perspective of helping to shape the program inside the office, and being shaped by the program inside their classes.

Student Worker 1Zac Johnson

Zac Johnson is a second year Graduate Assistant in the WGS MA program. He graduated from UNCG in May 2016 with a B.A. in Women’s and Gender Studies and Political Science. His current academic interests are the intersections between post-structuralist theory and queer activist practices, cultural policy studies, post-modern anarchism, and the applications of continental philosophy in social justice work. Zac is planning to pursue a PH.D in cultural studies after completing the MA program and aspires to become a college professor and researcher in the field.
Student Worker 1Jasmine Harcum

Jasmine Harcum is a third year Undergraduate Student Worker pursuing a double major in Social Work and Women’s and Gender Studies with minors in Psychology and American Sign Language/Deaf Studies. She enjoys watching spoken word performances, recreational reading, and going to concerts. She is passionate about indigenous preservation, LGBTQ mental health advocacy and bisexual politics. She enjoys talking about the power of vulnerability and emotional intimacy as subversive devices that can be practiced at all times. Jasmine strives to become a clinical social worker to provide mental health and social services to marginalized populations who are less likely to receive these resources, especially queer communities of color.

Kimberly is a first year Master's student in the WGS program. She received her B.A. of Psychology from Guilford College, and holds a double minor in Religious Studies and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies. Understanding how each inform one another is imperative for optimal forward progress in the world. Her interests include Power/Privilege, Mass Incarceration, Human Trafficking/Coercion, Women's Health (Mind/Body/Spirit) and Eco-feminism. Kimberly believes active engagement in the world is a necessary requirement if we are to understand and experience the imagined social change we desire. Kimberly hopes to help build a bridge of understanding between exclusive groups and constructed differences, creating a mutual space of acceptance, safety and value for all living beings.
haileeSommers Hardy

Sommers is currently a junior whose major is Human Development and Family Studies. Her areas of interest include art and its therapeutic qualities, which she will incorporate into her counseling technique. She is also a member of KaleidoSCOPE, an organization that educates a diverse student body prepared to apply innovative solutions to the complex cultural, economic, social, environmental, and political challenges of society. Sommers has received the Bronze Leadership Challenge medal and intends to one day go for the gold! As an enthusiast for women and gender studies, she hopes to gain much understanding and wisdom from this opportunity.
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