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Structure and Faculty Types:

  • Administrative Team: The WGS program has several “in-house” staff and employees, including two tenure-track professors, a senior lecturer, a program administrator and a part-time director, usually “borrowed” from another department for a period of 3-5 years. Along with the graduate director and undergraduate director (when the people in these positions are not already “in-house”), these WGS people make up the administrative team, and meet once or twice a month to deal with administrative decisions.
  • Cross-Appointed & Affiliate Faculty: The rest of our faculty have their “home” in other departments. Cross-appointed faculty are those with an interest in issues of women, gender, sexuality and related topics, who have officially joined the WGS program through an individualized MOU between their department chair and the WGS director.  These program faculty are empowered to make decisions, particularly in votes on promotion and tenure, and usually serve on WGS committees, teach WGS classes and classes that carry the WGS marker.  Their appointment term is four years. If you are interested in becoming a cross-appointed faculty member, please e-mail the current director and/or program administrator, or   Affiliate faculty are those with an interest in issues of women, gender, sexuality and related topics and frequently teach classes that carry the WGS marker. These affiliated faculty do not participate in decision-making, though they may choose to serve on committees, or be involved in the program in other ways. Faculty may serve as cross-appointed for a time, then step back to affiliate status to make time for other commitments, or visa versa. If you are interested in becoming an affiliate or cross-appointed faculty member, please e-mail the current director and program administrator, or
  • Student Staff: Our student staff is made up of undergraduate office assistants, graduate assistants, and interns who work in the office between 5 and 20 hours a week. Most staff members have specific projects and areas of responsibility they may take on, such as planning events, maintaining the library, or engaging students. A main role for all of our student staff is to keep WGS students connected and involved with the program.
  • Internship Coordinator:  The WGS Internship coordinator is a standing or cross-appointed faculty member in WGS who does the following: teaches WGS 601 & WGS 602, the MA Internship practicum and the Internship seminar (which takes place each Spring and has a set weekly meeting time); and oversees students enrolled in WGS 460, the undergraduate internship course (which takes place in both Fall and Spring and does not have a set weekly meeting time).  The faculty member in this position meets with each student one semester before they will take an internship course to advise them on finding an internship site that meets their interests.  The faculty member approves the student’s paperwork, helps them develop an internship plan, and advises them throughout the semester.  The faculty member provides grades to all students enrolled in internships.


Current Committees (2016-2017)

The WGS faculty uses a committee structure to get its work done. Below is the current list of committees and members.

Undergraduate Studies

  • Sarah Cervenak, ch.
  • Jenny Dale
  • Ben Clarke
  • Silvia Bettez

Graduate Studies

  • Elizabeth Keathley, ch.
  • Gwen Hunnicutt
  • Gene Rogers
  • Ali Moore

Cone Fund Awards Committee

  • Amy Vetter, ch.
  • Danielle Bouchard (Fall); Sarah Cervenak (Spring)
  • Paige Hall Smith
  • Amy Vines
  • Cathryne Schmitz

Carlisle Faculty Research Award Committee 

  • Emily Edwards, ch.
  • Tara Green
  • Stephen Sills
  • Amy Vines

Personnel Committee

  • Derek Krueger, ch.
  • Karen Kilcup
  • Noelle Morrissette
  • Danielle Bouchard (Elizabeth Keathley in the Spring)

Carlisle Excellence Professorship Committee

  • Karen Kilcup, chair
  • L. DiAnne Borders
  • Chuck Bolton 
  • Elizabeth Keathley 
  • Andrea Hunter 

WGS Governance Documents

The faculty has approved and uses the following governance documents to guide its work.

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