Propose a WGS Event

WGS Programming & Event Assessment Criteria & Process

If you are interested in proposing a WGS event or asking WGS to co-sponsor an event you are planning, please read our policy below on event planning and co-sponsorship, then fill out this form to make your request!  Thanks!


Types of Events:

• Faculty, Student & Admin Council initiated – scheduled 1 semester ahead so can be built into syllabi
• Student Worker initiated – planned at beginning of Fall semester for later in Fall and during Fall for Spring, faculty are also welcome to encourage students to attend
• Co-sponsorship requests – please submit the form available on our website and indicate the “level” of co-sponsorship you are requesting

  • If the request involves a significant investment of money and/or labor, it needs to come before WGS Administrative Council at the next meeting, or if it is too long before the next meeting, it can be discussed over e-mail
  • One-off co-sponsorships in name only, that might also involve a bit of publicity support can be decided by the Director, in consultation with the Program Administrators.

Planning Process for WGS Events:

• WGS faculty are encouraged to propose events. Films and speakers have a good likelihood of getting funded up to $500 if they are:

  • Proposed a semester in advance
  • Proposed by two or more faculty members
  • AND those faculty members plan to require at least one course of students to attend

• WGS Majors & Minors are encouraged to propose events with the possibility of funding of up to $200 (in order to allow for more student-initiated events from the pool of money, and since students have no way to require attendance the way faculty do, so events may be smaller)

  • Proposed a semester in advance
  • Proposed by three or more WGS majors or minors
  • AND those students plan to coordinate all promotions in order to get a good turn out (though WGS can provide some resources and assistance)

• Each Spring we will send a survey to WGS standing and cross-appointed faculty asking the questions below. We will use these responses to plan for the following academic year.

  • What kinds of events are you most excited about and why?
  • What kinds of events would you build into your syllabus?
  • We get many proposals from outside groups who want to come give lectures, do performances, show films, etc. What do you think should be the top three criteria we use to decide among these requests?
  • Looking at classes you are likely to teach in upcoming semesters, – what guest lecturers, workshops, film showing or performances would you build into your syllabus? If possible, please provide specific suggestions (and contact information, if you have it)
  • Is there any additional information with regard to programming you would like to be considered?

Criteria for Evaluating Event & Co-Sponsorship Proposals:

For Events (not co-sponsorships) –
Is the event:

• Proposed by two or more WGS standing or cross-appointed faculty members?
• Proposed by three or more WGS majors or minors?
• Proposed a semester in advance?
• Do the faculty members plan to require at least one course of students to attend?

For Events & Co-Sponsorships:

Does the proposed event/co-sponsorship opportunity help us:

• Provide thought-provoking programming in some of the topic areas where we want to expand our academic programs?
• Engage with community organizations, community members and departments on and offcampus in a critically thoughtful way?
• Support student leadership on campus and support WGS students’ involvement with our program?
• Build community for folks currently involved with WGS (current majors, minors, MA and certificate students, as well as Program and Affiliate faculty)?
• Recruit students and grow our programs by attracting diverse and critically engaged majors, minors, MA and certificate students?
• Raise our visibility (and protection level) on and off-campus?

Do we have…
• Enough labor and time-capacity to pull it off – while still fulfilling existing program administrative and operational needs?
• Enough time to reasonably plan logistics and publicize in order to meet the goals of the event?
• Money to pay for all the costs of the event (particularly in light of existing commitments for the semester/year)?

Levels of Co-Sponsorship

Level 1 – Less Intensive o An e-mail of the WGS logo so you can put it on your event flyer

  • Our staff post on our community calendar, which is on our website and goes out in our regular e-mail updates
  • We post your Facebook event (created by you) on our Facebook page
  • We e-mail your flyer (created by you) to our publicity lists

Level 2 – More Intensive (could also include items from Level 1)

  • Create a Facebook event for you, which will show as hosted by the WGS Facebook page
  • Create a flyer for you and e-mail it to our publicity lists
  • Collaborate with you on creating a publicity strategy and take responsibility with you for meeting attendance goals
  • Help with event logistics as requested/directed by you(reserving rooms, ordering catering, setting up, cleaning up, paying speakers, making travel arrangements, etc)
  • Manage all event logistics (reserving rooms, ordering catering, setting up, cleaning up, paying speakers, making travel arrangements, etc), consulting with you as needed

Financial Support (Could go with Level 1 or Level 2)

• $50 contribution towards event costs

• $100 contribution towards event costs

• $250 contribution towards event costs

• $500 contribution towards event costs

• Other

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