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Alumni Careers and Accomplishments

Please send news of new jobs, awards, fellowships, publications, and admissions to other graduate programs to our Program Administrators at and we will include your news on this page. Thanks!

You can read more about some of our graduates on our Alumni Profiles page here.

Alumni Career News

Brittney Anderson, M.A., 2012. Department of Social Services in South Carolina.

Nebra Bess, M.A., 2011.

Amy Bodsford, M.A., 2009. Administrative Assistant at The Relatives non-profit organization in Charlotte, NC.

Katherine Booher, M.A., 2011.

Sherronda Brown, M.A., 2015. Working with the Boys and Girls Club of High Point, NC.

Candice Casas, M.A., 2012. PhD student in Kinesiology at UNCG, coordinator of Fat Studies working group of NWSA.

Sarah Colonna, M.A., 2008. PhD student in Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations at UNCG and LGBTQ Advocacy Coordinator via OMA.

Agnes Dinga, M.A., 2008.

Laura Drewicz-Ewing, M.A., 2014.

Natasha Edwards, M.A., 2009. Attended NYU’s counseling program.

Shona Fenner, M.A., 2010. Satisfaction Assurance Associate in Reno, Nevada.

Sara Forcella, M.A., 2014. Rape Prevention Education Coordinator at North Carolina State University.

Joanne Galli, M.A., 2013. Nurse.

Christine Gill, M.A., 2011.

Keri Graham, M.A., 2010.

Ashley Greene, M.A., 2011.

Carrie Hart, M.A., 2011. PhD student in Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations at UNCG. Teaches both Education and WGS courses.

Amber Heggenstaller, M.A., 2011. Teaching 10th grade English in Williamsport, Pennsylvania.

Kimberly Heinz, M.A., 2009. Worked as the National Coordinator of War Resister’s League, now attending the Public History M.A. program at UNCG.

Tara Holme, M.A., 2014.

Damie Jackson, M.A., 2008. NC Families United.

Daniel Karlsson, M.A., 2011.

Rebecca Mann, M.A., 2008. President of WGS Friends, worked for Equality NC and runs a consulting firm called EngageNC.

Elizabeth McDaniel, M.A., 2010.

Britney Mickelsen, M.A., 2011.

Jasmine Modoor, M.A., 2007. Attended Law School at Howard University.

Isabell Moore, M.A., 2010. Taught History at GTCC for 3 years, WGS Program Administrator since May 2012.

Randi Pace, M.A., 2012.

Kristine Paterson, M.A., 2014.

Emily Peffer, M.A., 2013.

Lauren Pereira, M.A., 2013. Health Center Manager for Planned Parenthood in Rhode Island.

Meg Phipps, M.A., 2012. PhD student in Educational Leadership & Cultural Foundations at UNCG.

Melanie Pringle, M.A., 2016. Human Services Specialist, Orange County DSS.

Nicole Simmons, M.A., 2013.

Tamara Snell, M.A., 2009.

Alicia Sowisdral, M.A., 2008. Stand-Up Comedienne in Chicago and Adjunct Lecturer.

Marla Sutherland, M.A., 2014.