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Rethinking Ethos: A Feminist Ecological Approach to Rhetoric

Co-edited by Nancy Myers, Kathleen J. Ryan and Rebecca Jones.

Upcoming chapter: “Turning Trends: Lockwood’s and Emerson’s Rhetoric Textbooks at the American Fin D’ Siècle.” Chapter in Remembering Differently: Recollecting Women’s Rhetorical Narratives. Eds. Lynee Gaillet and Helen Gaillet. South Carolina UP. Forthcoming.

The Darker Side of Family Communication: The Harmful, the Morally Suspect, and the Socially Inappropriate

Edited by Loreen Olson and Mark Fine


A Movement Without Marches: African American Women and the Politics of Poverty in Postwar Philadelphia

by Lisa Levenstein

Violent Masculinities: Male Aggression in Early Modern Texts and Culture

by Jennifer Feather

Bars, Blues and Booze: Stories from the Drink House

by Emily Edwards

Featured on Frank Stasio’s WUNC “State of Things” broadcast: https://uncgmediastudies.wordpress.com/2016/04/20/bars-blues-and-booze-stories-form-the-drink-house/

Rhetoric in American Anthropology: Gender, Genre, and Science

by Risa Applegarth

It Takes a Village: The Role of the Greater Community in Inspiring and Empowering Women to Breastfeed

by Paige Hall-Smith

Vulnerability and Security in Human Rights Literature and Visual Culture

by Alexandra Schultheis Moore

Settler Common Sense: Queerness and Everyday Colonialism in the American Renaissance
by Mark Rifkin

Wandering: Philosophical Performances of Racial and Sexual Freedom
by Sarah Jane Cervenak

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