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Undergraduate StudiesWomen’s and Gender Studies majors participate in a wide range of intellectual and practical activities as they link their interdisciplinary program in Women’s and Gender Studies to disciplinary studies in a department or area of concentration. The Women’s and Gender Studies major offers students the advantages of a liberal arts education, career opportunities, and an understanding of diverse perspectives. Graduates of our program have careers in administration, the arts, business, education, health sciences, media, politics and law, social work, psychology, human relations, sports and recreations, and sociology, among other fields.

Recent graduates in WGS have gone to graduate and professional school and begun careers in law, teaching, writing and editing, business, counseling, and social service. The arts, public service, health sciences, psychology, recreation, politics, and human relations all provide great career opportunities for WGS majors. Your advisor and mentor will help you develop a career plan that includes course work, community work, and internship or independent study. When you finish a WGS major, you’ll finish with a strong resume and with faculty who know you well enough to write a recommendation fully describing your strengths.

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