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Love Your Body Week 2013 Recap & Photo Gallery

As has become tradition each October, the Wellness Center and the Women's & Gender Studies Program put on on a series of Love Your Body themed events over the course of a week. This year a student committee planned the Women's & Gender Studies schedule with a goal of covering many different aspects of body issues. Check out the gallery and recap below to learn more about how things went!

LYB Week Schedule FrontLYB Week Schedule Back

The week before, students gathered in the WGS conference room to create t-shirts in preparation for Love Your Body Week.

LYB t-shirt paintingLYB t-shirt paintingLYB t-shirt painting

ableismThe week kicked off with a workshop on Monday, 10/28 from 6pm-7pm workshop and discussion presented by WGS major Brittany Frankena. Her interactive apprach addressed intersectionality, privilege and ableism/disability justice. Last year after Love Your Body Week, a student had written a provacative question on the chalk board in the WGS conference room: "What would it look like to celebrate all bodies, including disabled and queer bodies?" Brittany took up the challenge of that anonymous question to bring issues of disability more fully into the discussion.

body positive chalkingbody positive chalking

On Tuesday 10/29 during the day the "Resolution Road" event invited passers by to write and draw Love Your Body Resolutions and positive affirmations on College Ave. The activity inspired both written and spoken dialogue.

PLus Sized WorkshopPLus Sized Workshop

Wednesday 10/30 brought a workshop by Chisa Pennix-Brown of Lady Bizness, Inc and NeoNaturalz titled "Plus Sized Is the New Normal." The conversation ranged from media stereotypes about body shape to individual body shape identification & developing a natural and professional style.

snack spread at the Busting Out screeningThe Love Your Body Week crew celebrated Halloween on Thursday 10/31 with a screening of "Busting Out", a film about America's obsession with breasts, which was followed by a discussion so involved that it ran over the alotted time.

Body POsitivity WorkshopThe week concluded with a workshop on Friday, 11/1 at 3pm titled "Body Positive 101" presented by WGS minor, WGS student staff member and member of the Full Circles Foundation, Taylor Chapman. Her engaging presentation gave some personal background on her journey to confidence and body positivity and
offered a framework for accepting bodies of all sizes, reclaiming the word "fat," and learning to support and celebrate each other from an intersectional perspective. Though the event was scheduled to end around 4pm, particiapnts stayed until 5:15pm discussing the issues. Many attendees had attended other events throughout the week and drew connections between the themes. One participant suggested starting a weekly discussion group on issues of body positivity.

Body POsitivity WorkshopSherronda Brown, a WGS MA student and one of the coordiantors of the week said, "We covered a wide range of topics and really engaged people in critical thinking. I hope next year's Love Your Body Week can build on the dialogue from this year and attract even more participants!"

Many commented on the unique flyers around campus leading up to the events:

flyer 1flyer 2flyer 3

flyer 4



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